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To Exist is a fact, Living is an Art

" Our dearest wish is to bring Beauty and Harmony into your interior, a perpetual and benevolent inner harmony so that you can achieve well-being in your place of life or work. Only true understanding, the deep vision of things, the right view, and the diligence in creation and execution allow the attainment of this invaluable quest: joy and well-being. " 

Héloise Cardi - Founder and Artistic Director - Interior Decorator

Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House, offers a selection of unique art objects, antique, vintage and retro furniture chosen for their beauty, their elegance, their originality and simplicity.


Arteslonga is a spirit, a French way of life, born of a desire of aesthetic and link to the evocative sensory-related memory of an object or intimate place.


All vintage furniture and art objects selected by Arteslonga are on unique selling and are the testimony of the skills of artists and craftsmen.


They contain the memory of time and gesture.


Arteslonga share with you the love of the profession and passion conveyed by these craftsmen and artists.


The richness and variety of vintage items and art objects are staged in multiple worlds and atmospheres fully created by Arteslonga. You are going to discover several vintage home decor with a romantic and glamorous French knowledge, always at the forefront of the trend.


Arteslonga brings to the daily life difference, uniqueness and inspiring moments.


Listed as single objects as in a gallery of art, you can purchase with a click original, refined and elegant vintage furnishings and authentic objects.


Antiques, vintage furniture, art objects, contemporary Arts are harmoniously matched mixing unique home decoration styles, eras, and vintage decor.


On Arteslonga, you will discover more than two thousand selected and unique selling furniture and objects browsing a century of history from Napoleon III to the 70’s:

- Antique and vintage furniture, retro and shabby chic furniture

- Ancient and vintage decorative objects, unique and unusual objects and rare curiosities,

- Vintage Furniture and decorative objects to decorate your winter garden, your patio or garden,

- Kitchen items, unique items to decorate your table or vintage furniture for your kitchen

- Unique items such as lighting lamps or chandeliers for your home decor,

- Elements of ornamentation, decorative objects and crafts, a selection of handmade carpets from here and elsewhere,

- Objects of art and graphic art, paintings and works on paper,

- Unique pieces of vintage fashion accessories,

- A selection of contemporary artist and arts and crafts


Arteslonga for an international clientele that loves creativity, simple, unique and different interior design, authentic and refined decorative items, always looking for better living, better memory and better transmission.


Arteslonga, a gallery and mixtures of moods.


"To exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.