Family-Owned Interior Design & Lifestyle Brand For Over 10 Years, Arteslonga claims: "To Exist is a Fact, to Live is an Art" and likes to explore and make styles and eras to meet in a desire for harmony and softness.

Arteslonga, Offers Exclusive Interior Design Service for Public and Professionals and a Remarkable and Singular Furnishings and Home Accessories Collection going from years Napoleon III (1870) until today.
Our dearest wish is to bring Beauty and a Perpetual Harmony into your interior decoration so that you can achieve well-being in your living or working place.
Curated Premium Furniture, Tailored Made Editions, Curiosities, Art&History - Paris

"To Exist is a Fact, Living is an Art"

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Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House, offers a unique selection of decorative items and antique, vintage, retro and modern or shabby chic furniture, as well as works of art and crafts selected for their aesthetic, elegance and originality.

With a click, you can buy original vintage decorative objects, even at the end of the world, and discover romantic and glamorous world of interior design, a French knowledge, always at the forefront of the trend.

Arteslonga is a spirit, a way of life, inspired by a passion for art, elegance and authentic products.

Arteslonga is born of an aesthetic and sensory desire, linked to intimate memories and the evocative impact of an object or place. It’s to transmit quality, a memory, and to make life different, unique, inspiring ...

For an international clientele who loves creativity, uniqueness and authenticity Arteslonga inspire a better, more memorable living.

All objects selected by Arteslonga are the testimony of artists and craftsmen expertise. They contain the memory of past time and the memory of the gesture.

The richness and variety of antiques are complemented by a range of contemporary works. Arteslonga share with you the love of passion conveyed by these craftsmen and artists.

Furniture, home decoration objects and unique pieces of art are harmoniously matched, mixing styles, eras and origins to make your home interior unique.

Discover on Arteslonga:

- Exclusive antique, retro, vintage and shabby chic furniture: office chair, bedside table, bookshelf ...

- Unique antique and vintage decorative objects and genuine curiosity,

- Furniture and decorative items for indoor and outdoor, to decorate your winter garden, your patio or garden,

- Retro kitchen items, decorative items for your table,

- Vintage lighting, unique pieces such as lamps or chandeliers for your home decor,

- Elements of ornamentation, decorative crafts, a selection of beautiful hand-made rugs from there and elsewhere for your interior design,

- Pieces of fine art and graphic art, paintings and works on paper,

- Vintage Women's fashion accessories

- A selection of contemporary artist and arts and crafts

You will discover more than two thousand objects traveling through a century of history.

The selection begins in the era of Napoleon III and continues until 1970. The styles of Louis XV, Louis XVI or Louis XIII are present as well as the Baroque period.

Vintage fashion, vintage designer bags, a 1900 blouse and other accessories are also exhibited on Arteslonga. Adorn your walls with paintings alike still lifes or marine.

A watercolor or oil will harmonize with engraving or painting on silk. Lithography and blood alongside contemporary paintings and water colors with an advertising poster.

The sculpture may be made of clay, plaster, terracota or wood and Art ironwork accompanies ceramics.

Your interior will be plenty of many rare items: iron chair, lamp, bird cage, lamp stand, bedside table, shelf, chandelier, clipboard, teapot, jug, candy box, bowl, vase, jar, statue.

Other rare objects can complete the set: hand made decorative cushion, headboard, carpets, vintage chair, statue, amphora, bottle, plate, storage compartment, vintage clothing, hat box, mirror, phone, barometer…

Our selection of antique, vintage, shabby chic and retro furniture covers a century of Napoleon III to the 70: bar counter, coffee table, bistro table or counter, farm table, sofa, wardrobe, chair, armchair, shelve, console, side table, sideboard, bar cabinet, , office chair, ottoman, bed, bathroom furniture, display cabinet, ottoman, stool, toad chair, nesting table, game table, coat stand, column, saddle.

You love 1950’s chairs?

Looking for a shelf that is unusual, a 70s nightstand, a Napoleon III sofa loveseat or an office chair from the 30s?

Arteslonga, thanks to its diversity of times and its rich offer, you will find the authentic and civeted object. If you like the style of Louis XV or Louis XVI, or if you are looking for a vintage chair with a screw up system or a 50’s bedside table, a shelf from the 60s, 1930s chairs, a 1950s kitchen cabinet, a 1900s long chair or a Napoleon III chair, Arteslonga constantly renewing its offer and ambiences so that you can find what you are expecting.

You want to redo the interior design of your workplace and want to buy an original, authentic and elegant office chair?

Then you will enjoy discovering seats and office chairs that are unusual. You can stop your choice on a retro and vintage chair with its unique shape or a Chesterfield from the 30s ... or some 50’s furniture. You can also find a selection of original fixtures and decorate your walls with nice 60-70s shelves and a beautiful 1940s oil on canvas signed. Looking for a particular coffee table that is different from others? Have your heart set on a coffee table from the 1900s or on a 1950 or Napoleon III coffee table.

You will discover unique coffee tables on Arteslonga from Napoleon III to the 70s. Other antique furniture will enhance and complement the beauty of your home: Napoleon III bamboo cabinet, iron factory workshop cabinets, the 70s kitchen stool, the Chinese console of the 40s, the display cabinet end XIX, the 50s office chair, the 1920 shelf furniture, late nineteenth century bathroom furniture, the Breton cabinet or 1900 bedside table, the 50s furniture of a bar, the vintage gym metal cabinet, 30’s office chairs or Napoleon III columns or a nice English dresser.

Finally, many decorative objects, constantly renewed on Arteslonga, present themselves to you: billboards, advertising enamelled plates, stationery, decorative plates, barometers, vintage ornaments, decorative tins or ceramics, vintage hat box, candle holders, antique bottles, vintage school maps, vintage bird cages, vintage ashtrays, ceramic, old rocking horse, wall brackets, jewelry, porcelain or cut glass, decorative pillows, inkwells, figurines, glass globes, clocks, unusual objects and curiosities, old musical instruments, toys, mirrors, clocks, trays, magazine racks, pots and jars, clipboard, tsf radio, alarm clock, sculptures, statues, statuettes, telephones, vases, book ends, vases, empty-pockets and other unusual objects and curiosities ...

Arteslonga, a gallery and mixtures and moods.

"To exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.



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    Find all the new interior decoration items of Arteslonga: sofas, chairs, objects of curiosities, decorative accessories ...

    These pages are updated regularly.

    The house Arteslonga

  • RUGS

    Arteslonga offers you a sharp selection of old rugs and vintage rugs chosen for their originality and aesthetics.

    Top quality, all antique rugs, patchwork rugs, kilims rugs, Moldovan kilims, Anatolian kilims, art deco style rugs, round rugs, picture rugs, Moroccan hallway rugs present on Arteslonga are hand-woven and knotted rugs. hand by skilled craftsmen.

    Coming mainly from Morocco, Anatolia or Moldavia, Arteslonga offers unusual rugs, in unusual varied colors and original designs in durable materials (wool, cotton or silk).

    The Arteslonga house


    French house of decoration and lifestyle, Arteslonga, is making high-quality custom-made furniture, the layout and interior design of your projects.

    Hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, pop-up stores, trade shows and private individuals.

    Arteslonga: high-end custom furniture.

    Our experience and expertise in antique and modern furniture, allows us to design with our craftsmen furniture of high quality entirely hand made in France, Belgium or Italy.

    - Implementation of implementation plans,

    - Samples for material and fabrics approval,

    - Prototypes according to specifications,

    - Supply and installation,

    - Transport, customs and taxes,

    - Supply of fabrics and trimmings.

    Canapé Garbo Réalisation sur commande

    Arteslonga: interior fittings.

    - An expertise of our fellow craftsmen: cabinet makers, carpenters, marble makers, lacquerers and upholsterers,

    - A team experienced and concerned with the detail and the finishing,

    - A design office for the execution plans,

    - High-qualitative products in France, Belgium and Italy,

    - Installations carried out by our team that are used by the constraints of interior layouts and the building sites,

    - A network of reliable and experienced artisan partners,

    - High specificity for the design and layout of ephemeral decor: pop-up store, trade fairs, etc.

    Arteslonga: a strong partner of architects.

    Arteslonga works in strong cooperation with interior architects and architects to carry out interior design projects of highest quality, with cost efficiency and respect of deadlines.

    Your contact :

    Jean-Marc Caubet - Associate Director
    +33(0)160 440 129


    Whatever the room, the dining table is the central element of decoration that everyone will notice in your home: select it carefully.

    Arteslonga offers in this section of interior decoration a collection with unique design of dining tables for your dining room, the kitchen or the garden of your house. Designed by a handful of craftsmen specializing in high-quality dining tables: large raw wood dining table, solid wood table, brushed metal, huge dining table "Dolmen" in Suar wood, large tables made in solid oak or old pine, magnificent round tables in raw wood...

    A great know-how of Arteslonga are the large and majestic tables of farm and tables for meals in solid wood, large tables monastery in old wood or realized in solid oak, round tables in raw wood ...

    A collection of  handmade dining tables of impeccable quality.

    This work of cabinetmakers that combines contemporary spirit and authenticity is guided by a conductive line: the use of raw materials, noble and of great qualities, old, aged or patinated.


    Mirrors are important decorative objects for an interior. They enlarge a space, diffuse the light and give a perspective effect in a place of life.

    In addition, it is a decorative accessory very practical especially in entrances, bedrooms and bathrooms. At Arteslonga you will find upscale and unique mirrors of different styles, ages and shapes, such as: Baroque mirror trumeau mirrors, large Napoleon III mirrors, Louis Philippe fireplace mirrors, witches round mirrors, psyches, rectangular or round mirrors with mercury, vintage bistro mirrors ...

    We offer you a diversified collection of authentic vintage and antique mirrors for sale as well as decorative mirrors of current manufacture of a great quality of realization.

    Arteslonga team



    Unique and exclusive vintage shabby chic and Country Chic furniture.


    A touch of glamor, elegance, romance that emerge from each shabby chic furniture made in weathered wood, distressed leather, vintage velvet, limed paint and more.


    Maison Arteslonga


    Arteslonga, French Interior Decoration House, offers you a sophisticated variety of seats.

    Armchairs, swivel chairs, wing chairs, dining chairs, folding chairs, club chairs, office chairs, desk chairs: Arteslonga offers a wide range of luxury seating options to choose from. Defined by exquisite textures and elegant lines, our skillfully upholstered fabric and leather accent chairs come in a variety of colours and styles.

    They are suitable for residential settings, commercial offices and hospitality projects: from homes to office spaces and waiting rooms, hotels, lobbies, restaurants, bars, and more.

    A mix of seats from different styles and periods. This seating offer features singular styles such as aged leather chairs in modernist style or industrial brushed metal, but also luxurious upholstered velvet chairs as well as chesterfield sofas in vintage leather in unexpected colors and passing by a offer of custom-made armchairs or sofa of a new refinement.

    Arteslonga meets a demanding clientele that is always looking for high quality and who dares to mix styles.

    Arteslonga Team



    Discover a magnificent and exclusive collection of old and rare Louis Vuitton luggage from the first achievements: period 1850-1860 through 1930-1950. 


    We are at your disposal to answer any questions. Informations are provided on writing request only:

    Maison Arteslonga


    Please click here to discover more about our Vintage Louis Vuitton exclusive pieces.

    Thanks to Arteslonga you will find an exclusive and exquisite collection of vintage Louis Vuitton pieces

    We are dedicated in sourcing the best vintage Louis Vuitton luggage pieces from the earliest Vuitton pieces: 1850/60s through to the 1930/50s and will enlarge day by day our collection.

    Today, these beautiful Louis Vuitton travel trunks are rarely used for travelling but rather as a ultimate and exclusive home decoration object or furniture.

    We can offer exquisite Louis Vuitton trunks as well as the more unusual Louis Vuitton pieces such as the Louis Vuitton Rayée (striped) and the Luis Vuitton Damier (checkered). We are able to create and built unique and bespoke pieces for special occasions or purposes: bathroom trunk, coffee table, shoe trunks, desk trunks, library trunks etc, or larger sizes, such as Wardrobe Trunk or Louis Vuitton "Malle Courier Haute" the tallest Louis Vuitton Malle Courier ever seen.

    Our exquisite pieces changes regularly, so please do contact us for any specific size or style requirements that you may have. 

    Stacked on top of each other, the small old Louis Vuitton trunks evoke the charm and splendor of a yesterday long luxury journey to Singapore or in the Orient-Express, the most mythical train to Venice.

    Large Louis Vuitton wardrobes or mail trunks can serve as beautiful bases of coffee tables in your living room or behind a large sofa in your lounge or at the bottom of your bed.

    Large Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunks can be used in a bathroom for storing bathroom linen bathrobes, towels, soap, perfume, eau de cologne, and other bathroom accessories. 

    You can use also these valuable and unique Louis Vuitton trunks as valet or as a support to put a beautiful lamp in a room of your choice. Many other uses are also possible with small Louis Vuitton trunks as jewelry box, storage box for paintings, novels, linen, lingerie, etc.

    We are at your disposal to meet your wishes and answer your questions at the following number: +33(0) 608 813 302.

    Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.




    A timeless collection of furnishings inspired by modernist lines of the Modernism, cultural and artistic movement that animated Western societies in the late nineteenth century until the years 1930-1950 in the field of Art, Architecture, Interior design  and in literature.


    Storage is an essential act because it helps create a space of beauty, peace and inspiration.

    In order to help you organize your interior space, Arteslonga offers you a sharp and original collection of vintage furniture, shabby chic, baroque, modernist, ethnic chic or bohemian. Discover beautiful cupboards, buffets, bookcases, display cases and shelves in various and different styles where elegance always remains the common point.

    From industrial vintage style, to chic country style and old baroque style, here you will find the Arteslonga furniture that will seduce you and transform your lifestyle and beautify your interior. Our storage furniture is made in limited editions in high quality materials ensuring the durability of our storage furniture. Cabinets, bookcases or shelves, our furniture has a soul and style.



    A sharp and diverse selection of frames: engravings, posters, photos,  herbaria, wallpapers, decorative panels and original hangings for an elegant and refined interior decoration.

    The Arteslonga House






    Arteslonga offers you an exclusive offer and a unique mix of styles and lighting era so that your interior is a singular and remarkable place: vintage, retro, baroque, art nouveau, art deco, industrial style, shabby chic, mid century, ethnic, bohemian, custom made ...

    Discover an elegant lighting offer to make your interior an amazing place to live.

    For more information about our unique vintage and antique lighting: floor lamps, lamps, chandeliers, night light, please click here.

    Arteslonga offers unique items of lighting: lampshade, wall lamp, floor lamp, lighting globe, lantern, lamps, chandeliers, night light.                      

    Vintage, antique and classic floor lamps are mixed with chandeliers to bring you elegance,sophistication and refinement.

    Lamps, chandelier, floor lamp can also take the form of flares for an original and unusual home decoration.

    Whether you like antique, vintage and retro chandeliers, lampshades, floor lamps, wall lamps, you will find rare and unique ligthing on Arteslonga.

    Different styles, materials, eras are mixed together to enhance your home decoration: candlesticks, wall lamp, lampshade, lantern, lamps, lighting, antique floor lamp, vintage floor lamp, retro floor lamp.

    From floor to ceiling, in metal, plastic, ceramic or wood, find unique and rare lighting that will increase in value with time.

    A floor lamp, whether it is a vintage floor lamp or an antique floor lamp, they will be mixed with contemporary chandeliers and wall lamp.

    Adorn your lamps with a beautiful shade. Remember these lampshades carved delicately worked, made of porcelain or glass paste. There are also metal lampshades or made of tissue with lace.

    Think also of wall lamps for your home lighting. Remember these wall lamps, poppy style in red plastic and metal typical of the 60s.

    Also you can discover beautiful high wrought iron floor lamp. Offer you a unique and authentic vintage lamp. Find, for example, a beautiful vintage lamp composed of six gold metal rods forming a bouquet of irises. This rare antique lamp is dated from the 1920s. This vintage lamp will provide a romantic atmosphere to your bedroom or your living room.

    Discover this antique floor lamp shaped as reeds made in the 1950s. This antique floor lamp is smart and stylish. This antique floor lamp is made of white metal. The stems of this beautiful antique floor lamp end with pretty lampshades and intermingle with copper metal rods pink, green and yellow symbolizing reeds. This antique floor lamp also includes metal rings to receive flower vases.

    Several kind of vintage and antique lamps are available: desk lamps, playful and original lamps, bedside lamps and kerosene lamps.

    The 70s have left incredible lamps such as great vintage ceramic duck lamp in wood and glass. They also have left desk lamps with a so typical orange colour with steel base.

    Some vintage and retro lamps are made from old recovered pieces transformed into artistic lamps. For example, a piece of an old Citroën truck from the 50 has been transformed into a floor lamp with metal base. These artistic lamps are very rare objects in demand.

    Regarding vintage ligthing, remember these lamps with ornate bronze base. Patterns of these lamp bases could be animal like a dolphin, a dragon, or flowers. These lamps were at the top in the 30s.

    The feet of ceramic oil lamps are adorned with spring floral or fruit patterns. These lamps could have pastel colours to highlight beautiful cherries, apples or pears.

    These antique and vintage lamps are also chandeliers and these chandeliers are also lighting objects that should not be forgotten. Billiards fans will opt for lamps globe shaped white opaque plastic with brass edge.

    Some chandeliers were both magnificent in their size or their decor. The chandeliers with crystal stones are shining brightly. Some chandeliers have several floors of crystal stones forming a real "fireworks". There are chandeliers in gilded metal twisted. The chandeliers from the early 1900s are mixing iron and ceramic decor. For example, fruit glazed ceramic bloomed painted in different colours on the branches of wrought iron chandeliers, for a great scene.

    Choose your lighting from the lamps, vintage floor lamp or antique floor lamp.

    A vintage lamp can be a lamp of art, a crystal lamp, ceramic lamp, an indoor or outdoor lamp. In all cases, Arteslonga offers only authentic, original, unique, timeless, retro, rare and incomparable home decoration lamps.

    You will purchase a superb vintage lighting to bring a nice and elegant retro ambience to your home.

    For a 60-70s ambience , remember the two-color balls lamps, lamps with rounded shapes in lacquered metal, cubic lamps with sparkling colors, mushroom style lamps.

    For a 50s style, you could find a light with its three branches tulip glass. It was also the time of the lamps with wooden tripod foot or enamel steel ceiling lamps.

    You also had oil lamps and these lamps were made of brass, glass, bronze, for example.

    These lamps are also in white porcelain with beautiful shade decorated, or crystal lamps, oil lamps with glass tank, desk lamps shaped saucer. These lamps will amaze your guests.

    The old street lamps become retro deco objects for the interior. Retro lamps from the past make wonderful gifts. These vintage lamps will make you go back in time.

    Whatever your style, you will find lamps that will surprise your guests and brighten your nights and days workings such as kerosene lamps, oil lamps, bedside lamps and table lamps.

    Arteslonga offers qualitative items, which are both decorative and useful. Browse through the atmosphere for inspiration and find the coveted object.

    Arteslonga seeks to make you happy. Arteslonga travels the world to find  the nuggets that will satisfy you.

    "To Exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.






    Unique fashion jewelery, earrings and fashion accessories by Ms Heloise Cardi founder and artistic director of Arteslonga

    La maison Arteslonga

    A collection of furniture that gives voice to the nobility of raw materials and natural wood, stone, metal ... Minimalist Design: simple and clean lines, direct and firm.

    Durable and environmentally friendly furniture for a beautiful, harmonious and simple decoration for your interior or exterior.

    Some pieces are tailor-made.


    To enhance your interior decoration and make your home an inspiring place to live, Arteslonga offers unique accessories and decorative objects that you will not find anywhere else. In single or limited edition, you will find decorative accessories and unusual, unexpected, joyful decorative objects that will speak to your soul and your heart.

    Make your home a space of beauty, peace and inspiration and find original and unique decorative objects that will bring a singular note to your interior. At Arteslonga, you can also find unusual gift ideas for your family and friends and discover the latest innovations that will bring you joy and well-being by simply touching or looking at them.



    For more information about our antique and vintage home decoration objects, curiosities and our ceramic items, please click here.

    All decorative objects, unusual items, curiosities, vintage articles and ceramics that you see on Arteslonga are unique.
    Ceramics, unusual and vintage objects, curiosities, these items are authentic and original.

    They meet the criterias of simplicity, beauty, elegance, personality and fantasy. Arteslonga is a gallery of mix and moods, a true lifestyle.
    The particularity of these objects make them unique, unusual and real curiosities.

    Scarcity request a specific sales model: selling single. Indeed, Arteslonga travel the world to find these wonders that often exist only in one copy.
    Staged inspired by the everyday life, these unusual and vintage objects, ceramics and beautiful antique objects are presented such as in an art gallery. By mixing eras from Napoleon III up to 1970s, Arteslonga brings you a know-how of the past, a kind of 
    French way of life, unique, renowned and recognized worldwide.

    Enhance your interior thanks to these vintage objects and antique furniture, real curiosities of the times. Wood, ceramic, glass, or porcelain, these home decoration objects are vintage, retro, original, rare and unique. They will bring back your childhood memories awaken, rekindle smiles, provoke real emotions in you.

    Let yourself be charmed and enchanted by the sights of the past, Arteslonga presents a century of home decoration.

    You will discover the objects that will transform your life through an unusual interior. These unique and exclusive decorative objects, ancient, vintage furniture will bring you back in time.

    The history of each piece makes it precious, very special while remaining simple, qualitative and original. Therefore, regularly, Arteslonga is enriched with unusual vintage objects, wonders, curiosities, selection of works of contemporary art, craftsmanship, art, ceramic article with the objective to help you to find the object of your dreams.

    Among these curiosities, remember this distributor of chewing gum with its glass jar, this pitcher brass fireplace, this lamp made from a Citroen truck dating 1950 or this baby face in plaster.

    Put your flowers in this very romantic bisque boot-shaped. Surprise your friends with a telephone console from a old railway station with its storage compartment and its combined headphones.

    Ceramics in various forms as a pyramid of eggs, a teapot, a hand painted vase , decorative bowl, vintage ashtray, water pitcher, oil lamp or a jar.

    Ceramics can be also candy box, an empty pocket in the shape of a donkey sitting or hitched, duck lamp, a water pitcher shaped as a rooster, table mats decorated with cherries. Enjoy this pair of glazed ceramic bears from Louvières. This ceramic is hand painted, signed and comes from Belgium.

    Ceramics is accompanied by earthenware objects as this pie dish from the famous factory of Creil-Montereau, or like these sandstone vinegar jar produced in Betschdorf in Alsace.

    The ceramic becomes collectible with many hand-painted objects, numbered or signed.

    Ceramic is also used for ashtrays: heavy ceramic-like "bear paws" useful g-for indoor or outdoor, red ceramic shaped like a mouth that pulls the tongue out like the Rolling Stones, ceramic embossing Cognac Bisquit.
    Also discover the yellow opaline Ricard ashtray, half white porcelain Badonviller from  Martini or the white porcelain enameled Gien from the old brand St. Raphael.
    Other unique objects are to be taken in this category as a vintage poster from 1959 for the Jacques Brothers at the Variety Theater in Paris, a wicker amphora, a 
    bisque box decorated with cherubs, a plate in Delftware with its mill hand painted, a rectangular mirror framed in metal forged with grounds and plant flowers.

    Choose as well, a wall bracket with cherubs in painted plaster, a statue of dog or leopard, an oval mirror surrounded by brass and copper on a wooden support, a hat box from 1930 with its interior in Liberty tissue, a round draped cushion of pink silk.
    A wall barometer, an old bottle of cologne, a bust in 
    resin of a shepherdess, a petroleum candlestick with its pink candles in glass, plaster bust of Bohemian, a porcelain bowl in the style of Capodimonte, an inkpot marble with bronze dog tanks and double crystal or a bust of Jean Ferrat clay are real unique curiosities.

    Russian clock, two small bevelled mirrors in a carved cherry wood, a small vase in opaline, a glass paperweight, a deer bookends in marble and bronze, a huge mirror with painted decoration with impressive dimensions, a bell jar, a carved wood vase, silk cushions are surprising and unexpected gifts. 

    "To exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French home decoration and lifestyle.




    Every single vintage furniture in this Vintage Furniture section is a genuine and authentic old piece of furniture. Vintage furniture on Arteslonga is sourced by us and renovated or re-styled in our workshop. Our vintage furniture and vintage decoration accessories cover more than a century of history to satisfy your desires: from the antique furniture of the Napoleon III era to the vintage furniture of the fifties until the 70s.

    Our collection of furniture and vintage objects emphasizes the modernism of the years 1950-70 and Scandinavian design. Vintage, retro and antique furniture, furniture of style or industrial furniture, they were chosen for their beauty, charm and color, their aesthetics and simplicity, their history and personality.

    To find more about our vintage and retro furniture, authentic, unique and rare items, please click here. 

    Each piece of furniture on Arteslonga is a unique piece of time, authentic and original.

    Antique furniture, retro furniture and vintage decorative objects spanning more than a century of history to satisfy your desires: from the era of Napoleon III to the 70s.

    Antiques, retro furniture, vintage furniture, shabby chic furniture and vintage industrial furniture are chosen for their intrinsic beauty, charm and color, aesthetics and simplicity, their history and personality.

    Whether wardrobe, arm chair, coffee table, chairs, beds, farm table, kitchen stool, vintage sofa, they're all antiques that "speak" and provoke emotions, smiles and memories.

    Every vintage furniture, retro furniture and antique furniture with such a quality, are part of the French heritage.

    You like to mix and mingle.

    Arteslonga shares with you unique and exclusive ambiences and design, different styles of interior design through photos that we take the utmost care.

    Lovers of unique coffee table from the 60s, Napoleon III chairs, cabinet vintage 70s original, Ottoman baroque sofas from the 1970s, Louis XV bed, chairs 1930 find their nuggets in Arteslonga.

    Similarly, fans of Louis XVI settee, kitchen furniture 1950, Louis XIII chair, rattan furniture of the 1900s or metal cabinet, chair of Toad of the Napoleon III era will find their gem thanks to the wealth of supply and diversity of eras.

    Constantly renewed, a selection of antiques, vintage furniture, 1950 furniture, retro furniture and shabby chic furniture awaits you.

    The main categories are divided into many unusual items:

    For tables, find: coffee table, octagonal table campaign, Chinese coffee table, bistro tables 40s, Art Deco coffee table, bedside tables 50s, coffee table countryside, farm tables, brass and resin coffee table, tables 1900 pull-out, round oak table, coffee table engraved and painted rosewood, game tables, occasional tables, saddles Napoleon III, sideboards, dressing table, pedestal table marble flowers for 30s.

    For comfortable and amazing seating find: old single chair, wrought iron chairs, chair Chesterfield 30s, sofas, office chair 50s, bar stools, chair of toad 20s, shepherdesses colorful, vintage retro chair , rattan chairs, club chair in 1940, ottomans unique shapes of 60-70s, bridge chair, rattan daybed 1900, round chair, sofa loveseat 1900 of the Belle Epoque, ottoman, kitchen stools of 70s, baroque chair, benches, chairs moleskin, chair 1900.

    "To Exist is a fact, Living is an Art."

    Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.



    The luxury of decoration and furniture world entirely handmade. Exclusive and unique furnishings in a Movie Star Mid-Century style.

    Haute Couture furniture for a clientele looking for excellence.

    These decoration furniture are custom-made and can also be made to measure.



    Arteslonga offers you a sophisticated Art & History collection including contemporary paintings on canvas and old paintings, lithographs and engravings, silk paintings, decorative panels and draperies, botanical and naturalist engravings as well as gouaches and pastels.

    You will also find magnificent sculptures, busts and statues of actual handicraft realization in the ancient Greek Greco-Roman style.


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