Mask Punu Okyui- Gabon


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Mask Punu okyui of Gabon.

The masks punu okyui are among the most famous pieces of African art.

Their faces with serenity-like features that can be reminiscent of Asian aesthetics are covered with kaolin, like other masks in Gabon, such as fangngil masks.
The eyes are always half-closed and globular, reminiscent of the shape of the coffee beans. An imposing headdress also stands on the head and can sometimes be divided into several small chignons.

This type of headdress illustrates the fashionable feminine hairstyles during the nineteenth century in Gabon.
A diamond-shaped keloid scarification adorns the forehead: it is a distinctive sign called "mabinda" which was engraved in the flesh of children, from the age of ten to fourteen years.

White, the color of mourning, establishes a link with the world of spirits and ancestors to which were attributed protective and beneficial virtues. The counterpart of the masqueokuyi is the ikwara mask with black patina, the color of sorcery, referring to occult and evil forces.

The okuyi masks were exhibited during rituals with very ancient origins, during which dancers mounted on stilts were moving in order to invoke the spirit of a deceased with a mask representing a beautiful young woman .

These rituals took place during the funerals of notables, women who gave birth to binoculars or were themselves twins but also on the occasion of the birth of twins.

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Era Réalisation Artisanale - Article Vintage
State Distressed
Style Ethnic Arts - Tribal Arts
Origins GAbon - Africa
France Delivery (Out of Corsica and Dom Tom) 2-3 weeks
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 19 cm x 30 cm x 16 cm
Weight with packaging/protection and pallet if necessary: 8 Kg
Ref: L888-OD864/16


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