Palm Trees Prints, Firenze


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Two large impressions made of old print patterns of palm tree, colored by hand and then cut and pasted on black panels painted with gouache.


Two large panels of palm prints made ​​in Florence, Italy. 

These prints are the result of craftsmanship of great finesse. 

The palm prints are first printed by hand in black & white and then colored ​​by hand, cut and pasted on a black background painted with gouache. 

Imitation bamboo wood frame. 

These unique pieces can be made on order but with few differences.

Simply beautiful and rare. 

Unit Price: € 840

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Era Bespoke Furniture
State Craftsmanship
Origins Italy
Delivery 2-3 weeks
Dimensions : 74 cm x 100 cm x 5 cm
Weight : 8 kg
Reference : L000PDI


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