Petrified Wood Stool


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483,33 €

483,33 €

A 60 cm high side table with a tray made of petrified wood, literally "wood turned into stone", which is a type of fossil.

A very original side table that will contribute to beautify your interior: in an office, a living room, a bedroom. A unique item off the beaten path to position at the end of a sofa, next to your lounge chairs, in a bedroom or even a bathroom.

Petrified wood is a natural material. As a result, large variations in color and structure may occur.

If you want a specific color style, please let us know.

Petrified wood is composed of fossilized wood, where the organic matter has more or less completely been replaced by minerals (most often silicates, such as quartz, but also pyrite, etc.), while preserving more or less completely The original anatomical structure of the wood.

The process of petrification occurs when the wood is buried under a layer of sediment, where it is preserved first due to lack of oxygen, before a mineral-rich water circulates in the sediment and impregnates little To little wood cells of minerals. These then crystallize eventually, in various ways. Less than a hundred years could probably be needed for certain pieces of wood to be petrified, but the process could also be sometimes much longer up to several million years, including recrystallization phases.

Width (cm) 48-56
Depth (cm) 38-43
Height (cm) 60
Volume (m3) 0.14
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Product Informations Tel: +33(0) 160 440 129 or
Era Actual Arts and crafts
Style Ethnic Chic - World Cultures
France Delivery (Out of Corsica and Dom Tom) By Transport Company: 3-4 weeks.
EU Countries Delivery Transport Company: 3-4 weeks
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 56 cm x 60 cm x 43 cm
Weight with packaging/protection and pallet if necessary: 33 Kg
Ref: L888-PW1


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